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The AFE tubular converters are perfect for high intensive Jobs that require consistently high performing equipment. The ENAR range of AFE converters allow the user to use various sizes of poker all at the same time. In order to meet the needs of several worksites, ENAR offers the tubular AFE converter in single-phase (230v 1~50Hz) and three-phase (400v 3~50Hz).

                                                                              TECHNICAL DATA

AFE 1000MT 23 1 1.3 KW 6A 230V 1 ~ 50Hz 1.0 KVA 13A 42 V3 ~ 200 Hz
COMPACT 1000M 20 1 1.3 KW 6A 230V 1 ~ 50Hz 1.0 KVA 13A 42 V3 ~ 200 Hz
AFE 2000T 30 2 2.8 KW 4A 400V 3 ~ 50Hz 1.8 KVA 25A 42 V3 ~ 200 Hz
AFE 2000MT 32 2 2.0 KW 9A 230V 1 ~ 50Hz 1.6 KVA 23A 42 V3 ~ 200 Hz
AFE 2500T 34 3 4 KW 6A 400V 3 ~ 50Hz 2.5 KVA 35A 42 V3 ~ 200 Hz
AFE 3500 59 3 6 KW 7A 400V 3 ~ 50Hz 3.5 KVA 50A 42 V3 ~ 200 Hz
AFE 4500 68 4 7 KW 10A 400V 3 ~ 50Hz 4.5 KVA 61A 42 V3 ~ 200 Hz
AFE 6000 75 4 8KW 12A 400V 3 ~ 50Hz 6 KVA 82A 42 V3 ~ 200 Hz

  • Optional customisation of Input voltage/frequency, 230v 3-phase 50Hz or 230v 3 phase.
  • Optional customisation of input voltage/frequency, 230v single-phase 60Hz, 110v single-phase 50Hz or 110v single-phase 60Hz.
  • Electronic junction box that is protected against splashed and dust (IP44).
  • High quality magnets that maintain their strength and don’t weaken.
  • 5m electric cable.
  • Steel protective frame with a width of 30mm diameter per tube.
  • Optional transport trolley available.

Durability - It has been designed to be tough.

Thanks to its high-quality materials and its robust cage, the AFE series means can survive even the toughest worksites. The cage also allows for comfortable transportation due to it being easier to lift and carry.

Safer - Low risk voltage levels

Although the input to the motor is either 230v or 400v, this clever motor separates the high and low voltages. This means that the output current going through the user’s hands, is only 42v. No shocks, no problems.

Complete Range - For both single-phase & 3-phase

Thanks to its varying motor sizes for both single and 3-phase, the ENAR range covers all your needs.

No waiting! - More plugs, more work

The AFE range has the option of 1, 2, 3 and even 4 outlets, this means no need to stand around waiting for a socket.

Great Motor Protection - Automated disconnection

As well as protecting the motor through means of high quality housing, the motor also has a self disconnecting switch. When the sensor detects an electrical surge, the switch disconnects to protect the motor, meaning it won´t burn out



Petrol and Diesel Engines

Internal combustion engines are the most suitable alternative for sites where there is no electric current available.

Engines selected for intensive jobs.

A sturdy tubular steel frame protects the engine. Engines with oil level control system.

Optional shock-absorbers.

Different couplings types available.

Fuel Power Hp Motor Engine Weight Kg
Gasolina / Petrol 5,5 ENAR G160F 21,5
Diesel /Diesel 5,5 ENAR D230F 26,5

Electric Vibrators

Model Power Hp Voltage V Frequency Hz r.p.m Weight Kg Dimensions Length X Height X Width mm
VPA D 1,5 230/380 3- 50 3000 12.2 190 x 440 x 340
VPAM D 1,5 230 1- 50 3000 12.1 190 x 440 x 340
VPAME D 1,5 115 1- 50 3000 12.1 190 x 440 x 340

  • Electric motor designed for working the pendulum pokers on intensive work sites.
  • High performance of work with pokers from 25 to 70 mm.
  • The three - phase model comes with a protective clutch to prevent the motor running in the wrong way.
  • The double insulation of the motor provides maximum security for the operator.
  • Change from 230 to 380 Vin the three-phase model.
  • Different types of couplings available


M-AFP series are with reinforced tube and protection thermique except M8 AF.

Thermal protector of the stator.

High performance oil.

High-quality double bearings.

Tip reinforced with steel.

Water-tight system.

Over-dimensioned motor components & steel tube.

The switch box made from high-impact aluminium alloy is robust and water-tight, completely ruling out the possibility of moisture from the cement entering.

The broad range of ENAR vibrators can be employed for all types of vibration operations.


Switch protected by a reinforced rubber washer resistant to continuous use and the wear and tear of abrasive materials.

Their frequency and amplitude guarantee an optimal compaction of the concrete without any segregation of the elements composing the mass.

Using ENAR, the result is concrete that is resistant and has no fissures & finish that is homogeneous and has no holes.

10m of cable and 5m of hose means the operator enjoys great freedom of movement.

Model Diameter mm Length mm Weight Kg Frequency/ Voltage  Intensity r.p.m. Centrifugal Force N Capacity


M38 AFP 38 369 12 200 Hz 42V/3 ̴ 8 A 12.000 1.500 until 20
M5 AFP 50 363 14 200 Hz 42V/3 ̴ 12 A 12.000 3.300 until 30
M6 AFP 58 430 16 200 Hz 42V/3 ̴ 15 A 12.000 5.600 until 35
M7 AFP 65  395 18 200 Hz 42V/3 ̴ 22 A 12.000 7.000 until 40
M8 AF 75 430 21 200 Hz 42V/3 ̴ 18 A 12.000 7.600 until 45



The pendulum vibrators can efficiently compact up to 25 m3/h of concrete. Enar's pendulum system yields 12,000 v.p.m. from a shaft rotation frequency of just 3.000 v.p.m. The final result is an optimal compaction of the concrete and a reduction in the effort required and production costs. Its equally efficient operation with an electric motor, petrol/diesel engine means it can be adapted to all kinds of building conditions. 

Pokers Diameter mm Length mm Weight Kg Capacity m3/h "v.p.m. " Correspond Shaft
ANR 25 25 300 0,9 5 16000 TNR4-25 /TNR6-25
ANR 38 38 370 2,3 12 12000 TNR4-38 /TNR6-38
ANR 48 48 430 4,3 17 12000 TNR4-48 /TNR6-48
ANR 58 58 448 6,4 22 12000 TNR4-58 /TNR6-58
ANR 70 70 485 8,7 25 12000 TNR4-70 /TNR6-70
Shafts Length mm Weight Kg
TNR4-25 4 6
TNR6-25 6 8
TNR4-38 4 11,1
TNR6-38 6 15,8
TNR4-48 4 11,1
TNR6-48 6 15,8
TNR4-58 4 11,1
TNR6-58 6 15,8
TNR4-70 4 11,1
TNR6-70 6 15,8



CEC-SERIES double drum walk-behind vibrating rollers. They are applied to compacting and maintaining various roads, express way shoulder, side walk, parking area, sports ground lawn, especially suited for compaction of narrow areas such as pipeline channel and drainage trench etc. Mechanical all-drum travel drives with greater grade-ability. 

The CEC-series is a double drum soil & asphalt compactor with small machine features and reliable performance.

This machine has been designed to be highly versatile with minimum maintenance, fitting a wider range of utility-sized applications confronting contractors.

The CEC-series is very strong compacting and good durability.

Its excellent maneuverability makes it the right choice for confined areas.

Vibrating road roller is mainly made up of power equipment, transmission equipment, frame, vibrating drum, hydraulic vibrating system, automatic breaking system, easy operating system and electric equipment.


Its features are as follows:

Type of vibrating Roller is “ Pedestrian Double Drum Vibrating Roller”

The engine is installed on upper frame. Between the engine and the upper frame is installed a shock absorber to block vibration from pendulum of vibrating roller. This makes it well adjustable to work requirements, economical and reliable.

High-pressure Axial piston pump and motor in the hydraulic vibrating system allows it strong resistance to pollution.

Pressure testing port is installed to control and adjust pressure of system.

The electric system is equipped with lighting equipment to facilitate operation in foggy days and at night (Optional).

Closed type of vibrating roller prevents sand or soil entering into the machines.

High centrifugal force most suitable for power.

High-vibration frequency brings better result of compaction.

Streamlined safety engine guard protects the engine from external physical environment.

Lifting hook allows in ditch work safely and easily.

Steel belt safety covers.

Built-in wheel for easy transportation.

Front turn-up base plate for easy access to corner.

Heavy-duty shock mounting reduce high-vibration to the working engine and handle.

OPERATION WEIGHT Kg/lb 800/1,763
DIMENSION Mm 750 x 2,700 x 1,170
(W)x(L)x(H) Inch 29.5 X 106.2 X 46.0
POWER HP/Kw  10 / 7.457 
DIAMETER OF DRUM mm/inch 406 / 16.0
LENGTH OF DRUM mm/inch 650 / 25.6
WATER TANK I/gal 33 / 8.72
CENTRIFUGAL FORCE KN/Kgf 32.7 / 3334.7
SPEED RANGE Km (Mile)/Hr 3.5 (2.174)



Low Maintainance & Long-life Design.

Idle 36" diameter trowel for running pans, clip-on float blade, combo blades or finish blade and heavy type design.

Over-built gearbox with high performance and durability.

Heavy-weight design to assures a superior finish.

Height adjustable handle, Quick adjustment on either side wihtout using any tools, Assures operator comfort & ease control.

Lifting bar as standard feature allow to be transported on job-site with only two people.

Centri-safety switch, shuts the engine down in the event of the operator lossing control of the unit

Screw control ensures precise blade adjustment.

Model CEC-1000 CEC-1000 E
Weight kg 95  107 93
Dimension mm (in) L2040(80) X W1000(39) X H1050(41)  L2040(80) X W1000(39) X H1050(41)  L2040(80) X W1000(39) X H1050(41) 
Working diameter mm (in) 900 (36) 900 (36) 900 (36)
Speed (rpm) 70-140 70-140 70-140
Engine Air-cooled, 4-cycle, Gasoline Air-cooled, 4-cycle, Diesel Electric
Type ENAR G160F / ROBIN EY-20 ENAR D230F Motor
Max. output kw (hp)        4.2 (5.5)           4.0 (5.5) 2.2 (2.96)
Fuel Tank liter (gal)        3.6 (0.95)           3.5 (0.92) -
Blades 4 4 4

CEC-RC180 Reversible Plate Compactor


Reversible Plate Compactor from CEC offers powerful compaction performance for efficiently compact granular soil crushed aggregate at any jobsite

Capable of forward, reverse and on-spot compaction

Low maintenance exciter

Vibration isolated rubber installed in bottom of engine and handle bar

Self- cleaning system in the base plate

Uniquely designed frame protects the engine and plate from accidental damage

Centrally located lifting hook enables easy transport in and out trenches

Simple hydraulic system

Easy to maintain, to overhaul the air breather and refill the hydraulic oil reservoir

Model CEC-RC180
Weight (kg) 180
Dimensions (mm) L 700 x W 540 x H 1170
Plate Size (mm) L 700 X W 540
Centrifugal Force (kn) 30.5
Working Diameter - rpm (hz) 5500(92)
Speed m/min 20-23
Engine ENAR D230F
Type Air cooled, 4- cycle , Diesel
Max. Output kw(hp) 7.0 (9.0)
Max Speed rpm 3600
Fuel Tank Liter 3.5

CEC Block Splitter


CEC plate compactor series could be used in the narrow place of the wall, roadside, foundation structure, also can be used for compaction asphalt and concrete. Compared with the domestic market other similar products, CEC plate compactor series is more focused on the practicablity and reliability.

The best choice for compaction of sand soil, back fill and asphalt.

Low vibration combined with high compaction performance.

Wheels for easy transportation.

Rubber mat for brick pavement.

Water tank for cooling the asphalt

Throttle cable used to quickly adjust the engine throttle

Model CEC-90 CEC-120
Weight (kg) 93 120
Dimension (mm) L 640 x W 465 x H 670 L 640 x W 465 x H 670
Plate size (mm) L 432 x W 534 L 432 x W 558
Centrifugal force (kn) 15 20
Working diameter 5500 (92) 5500 (92)
Speed 20-23 20-23
Engine Type Air-cooled,4-cycle,Gasoline Air-cooled,4-cycle, Diesel
Max. output (hp) 4.0 (5.5) 4.0 (5.5)
Max. speed rpm 3600 3600

CEC Block Splitter


CEC Block Splitter will cut most paving materials available on the market made from concrete, clay, stone, granite etc. The cutting height is adjustable by a hand operated adjustment screw, which allows the sprung stop blade to fit snug to the tile surface. The canter lever action causes the cam to apply a uniform & central pressure which ensures that the machine is stable whilst in operation. The hardened steel blades produce clean and perfect cuts, quickly and efficiently as well as having a long life.

Length 42cm (16.5 in)
Width 29cm
Height 14cm
Packing Dimensions 100cmx35cmx72cm
Weight 48kgs
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