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Forward Plate Compactor

CEC Block Splitter


CEC plate compactor series could be used in the narrow place of the wall, roadside, foundation structure, also can be used for compaction asphalt and concrete. Compared with the domestic market other similar products, CEC plate compactor series is more focused on the practicablity and reliability.

The best choice for compaction of sand soil, back fill and asphalt.

Low vibration combined with high compaction performance.

Wheels for easy transportation.

Rubber mat for brick pavement.

Water tank for cooling the asphalt

Throttle cable used to quickly adjust the engine throttle

Model CEC-90 CEC-120
Weight (kg) 93 120
Dimension (mm) L 640 x W 465 x H 670 L 640 x W 465 x H 670
Plate size (mm) L 432 x W 534 L 432 x W 558
Centrifugal force (kn) 15 20
Working diameter 5500 (92) 5500 (92)
Speed 20-23 20-23
Engine Type Air-cooled,4-cycle,Gasoline Air-cooled,4-cycle, Diesel
Max. output (hp) 4.0 (5.5) 4.0 (5.5)
Max. speed rpm 3600 3600

CEC-RC180 Reversible Plate Compactor

CEC-RC180 Reversible Plate Compactor


Reversible Plate Compactor from CEC offers powerful compaction performance for efficiently compact granular soil crushed aggregate at any jobsite

Capable of forward, reverse and on-spot compaction

Low maintenance exciter

Vibration isolated rubber installed in bottom of engine and handle bar

Self- cleaning system in the base plate

Uniquely designed frame protects the engine and plate from accidental damage

Centrally located lifting hook enables easy transport in and out trenches

Simple hydraulic system

Easy to maintain, to overhaul the air breather and refill the hydraulic oil reservoir

Model CEC-RC180
Weight (kg) 180
Dimensions (mm) L 700 x W 540 x H 1170
Plate Size (mm) L 700 X W 540
Centrifugal Force (kn) 30.5
Working Diameter - rpm (hz) 5500(92)
Speed m/min 20-23
Engine ENAR D230F
Type Air cooled, 4- cycle , Diesel
Max. Output kw(hp) 7.0 (9.0)
Max Speed rpm 3600
Fuel Tank Liter 3.5

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