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Electronic Converter Spyder Pro


The high frequency spyder Pro is a compact ans cost efficient piece of equipment. Due to the converter and vibrator being an all in one package you don´t need to purchase the equipment in 2 separate parts. The spyder Pro offers many of the same features as the AFP high frequency series, but with the added benefits that is a complete product that doesn't require an external converter. As per the AFP series, the spyder Pro offers the following benefits :

Thermally Protected Stator

Oversized Motor

Oil lubrication to maintain the life span and high performance of the equipment

Hardened steel on the bottle and cap of the vibrating poker

A zero maintenance product.Due to it’s advance technology providing a sealed case and the removal of carbon brushes and mechanical transmission


The Spyder Pro comes with a standard 15m electric cable and a 5m transmission that connects directly into a 230v/110v power source. This is a very powerful piece of equipment which is also reliable and safe on the job site. Additionally, thanks to its size and weight, it is easy to move around the site while in use

SPYDER PRO 230V-38 38 370 0’75 15 Up to 20
SPYDER PRO 230V-50 50 365 1’1 17 Up to 30
SPYDER PRO 230V-60 58 403 1’5 19 Up to 35
SPYDER PRO 230V-70 65 365 1’9 20 Up to 40

Input voltage/frequency: 230V~50/60Hz

110V~50/60Hz is also available on request.

Vibrations per minute at 12,000 rpm

Has a slow start uo to avoid peaks in current, which prevents damage to the motor and poker when first turned on.

Weight: 3.4Kg

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