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CEC Power Trowel Machine



Low Maintainance & Long-life Design.

Idle 36" diameter trowel for running pans, clip-on float blade, combo blades or finish blade and heavy type design.

Over-built gearbox with high performance and durability.

Heavy-weight design to assures a superior finish.

Height adjustable handle, Quick adjustment on either side wihtout using any tools, Assures operator comfort & ease control.

Lifting bar as standard feature allow to be transported on job-site with only two people.

Centri-safety switch, shuts the engine down in the event of the operator lossing control of the unit

Screw control ensures precise blade adjustment.

Model CEC-1000 CEC-1000 E
Weight kg 95  107 93
Dimension mm (in) L2040(80) X W1000(39) X H1050(41)  L2040(80) X W1000(39) X H1050(41)  L2040(80) X W1000(39) X H1050(41) 
Working diameter mm (in) 900 (36) 900 (36) 900 (36)
Speed (rpm) 70-140 70-140 70-140
Engine Air-cooled, 4-cycle, Gasoline Air-cooled, 4-cycle, Diesel Electric
Type ENAR G160F / ROBIN EY-20 ENAR D230F Motor
Max. output kw (hp)        4.2 (5.5)           4.0 (5.5) 2.2 (2.96)
Fuel Tank liter (gal)        3.6 (0.95)           3.5 (0.92) -
Blades 4 4 4

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