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ENAR HF Poker shafts


*M-AFP series are with reinforced tube and protection thermique except M8 AF.

"Thermal protector of the stator.

High performance oil.

High-quality double bearings.

Tip reinforced with steel.

Watertight system.

Overdimensioned motor components. Steel tube."

High performance oil

High-quality double bearings

Tip reinforced with steel

Watertight system

Over dimensioned motor components & steel tube

The switch box, made from high-impact aluminium alloy, is robust and watertight,completely ruling out the possibility of moisture from the cement entering.

"The broad range of ENAR vibrators can be employed for all types of vibration operations.

Switch protected by a reinforced rubber washer resistant to continuous use and the wear and tear of abrasive materials."

Their frequency and amplitude guarantee an optimal compaction of the concrete without any segregation of the elements composing the mass.

Using ENAR, the result is concrete that is resistant and has no fissures, and a finish that is homogeneous and has no holes.

10m of cable and 5m of hose means the operator enjoys great freedom of movement

Model " Diameter mm" Length mm Weight Kg " Frequency/ Voltage " Intensity r/p.m. " Centrifugal Force N" Capacity m3/h
M38 AFP 38 369 12 200 Hz 42V/3 ̴ 8 A 12000 1500 until 20
M5 AFP 50 363 14 200 Hz 42V/3 ̴ 12 A 12000 3300 until 20
M6 AFP 58 430 16 200 Hz 42V/3 ̴ 15 A 12000 5600 until 20
M7 AFP "65 " 395 18 200 Hz 42V/3 ̴ 22 A 12000 7000 until 20
M8 AF 75 430 21 200 Hz 42V/3 ̴ 13 A 12000 7600 until 20

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